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  Welcome to the Low Cost Pianos and Music Keyboards website. If you are looking for used baby grand and upright cheap pianos or new music keyboards at deep discount prices, you have come to the right place. Buy gently used discount piano up to 75% off retail cost!

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When I was a child my father purchased a used Baldwin upright low cost pianos for next to nothing from an used furniture dealer. It really needed tuning, but I just skipped the keys that did not work. We did not have any sheet music, so I just tried to copy what I would hear on the radio. I gess this is what they call playing by ear. When I turned 16, digital music heyboards were all the rage. I would pretend I was in the Emerson, Lake and Palmer band and really jam.

At my uncle John's house, they had a fancy Steinway baby grand discount pianos that was a work of art. I was afraid to touch it. However I did get the chance to play on it and wow! It was like a dream. You could feel and hear the quality in every key stroke.

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By knowing what scale the songs are created from, by knowing what notes are immediately eliminated or less likely to occur in a melody or tune and by knowing what notes are most likely to be repeated, you can learn and play any song. Buy Low Cost Furniture
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Mastering a musical instrument is not an easy task. It requires an intensive level of comprehension, application of the techniques and skill. Playing by ear is not a matter of memorizing every chord and note in a song but by just being able to recognize the chord patterns of the song and being able to predict what chords or progressions will occur next.
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